Test Bank Essentials of Dental Radiography 9th Edition Thomson

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Test Bank Essentials of Dental Radiography 9th Edition Thomson

Download FREE Sample Here to see what is in this Test Bank Essentials of Dental Radiography 9th Edition Thomson. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

1. History of Dental Radiography, 2. Characteristics and Measurement of Radiation, 3. The Dental X-ray Machine: Components and Functions, 4. Producing Quality Radiographs, 5. Effects of Radiation Exposure, 6. Radiation Protection, 7. Dental X-ray Film, 8. Dental X-ray Film Processing, 9. Digital Radiography, 10. Infection Control, 11. Legal and Ethical Responsibilities, 12. Patient Relations and Education, 13. Intraoral Radiographic Procedures, 14. The Periapical Examination-Paralleling Technique, 15. The Periapical Examination-Bisecting Technique, 16. The Bitewing Examination, 17. The Occlusal Examination, 18. Identifying and Correcting Undiagnostic Radiographs, 19. Quality Assurance in Dental Radiography., 20. Safety and Environmental Responsibilities in Radiography, 21. Mounting and Introduction to Interpretation, 22. Recognizing Normal Radiographic Anatomy, 23. Recognizing Deviations from Normal Radiographic Anatomy, 24. The Use of Radiographs in the Detection of Dental Caries, 25. The Use of Radiographs in the Evaluation of Periodontal Diseases, Supplemental Techniques, 26. Radiographic Techniques for Children, 27. Managing Patients with Special Needs, 28. Supplemental Radiographic Techniques, 29. Extraoral Radiography and Alternate Imaging Modalities, 30. Panoramic Radiography

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