Solution Manual Contemporary Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 3rd Edition Kneisl

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Solution Manual Contemporary Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 3rd Edition Kneisl

Download FREE Sample Here to see what is in this Solution Manual Contemporary Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 3rd Edition Kneisl. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

1. Mental Health, Mental Disorder, and Psychiatric-Mental Health Clients: Who Are They?, 2. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses: Who Are They?, 3. Self-Awareness and the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse, 4. The Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship, 5. Theories for Interdisciplinary Care in Psychiatry, 6. The Biologic Basis of Behavioral and Mental Disorders, 7. The Science of Psychopharmacology, 8. Stress, Anxiety, and Coping, 9. Cultural Competence, 10. Therapeutic Communication, 11. Psychiatric-Mental Health Assessment, 12. Ethics, Clients’ Rights, and Legal and Forensic Issues, 13. Creating Hospital and Community-Based Therapeutic Environments, 14. Cognitive Disorders, 15. Substance-Related Disorders, 16. Schizophrenia, 17. Mood Disorders, 18. Anxiety Disorders, 19. Dissociative, Somatoform, and Factitious Disorders, 20. Gender Identity and Sexual Disorders, 21. Eating Disorders, 22. Personality Disorders, 23. Clients at Risk for Suicide and Self-Destructive Behavior, 24. Intrafamily Violence: Physical and Sexual Abuse, 25. Children, 26. Adolescents, 27. Elders, 28. Therapeutic Groups, 29. Family-Focused Interventions, 30. Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions, 31. Psychopharmacologic Nursing Interventions, 32. Recovery and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Strategies, 33. Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Healing Practices, 34. Crisis Intervention, 35. Anger Management and Intervention in Psychiatric-Mental Health Settings

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