Solution Manual Chemical Principles in the Laboratory 9th Edition Slowinski

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Solution Manual Chemical Principles in the Laboratory 9th Edition Slowinski

Download FREE Sample Here to see what is in this Solution Manual Chemical Principles in the Laboratory 9th Edition Slowinski. Note : this is not a text book. File Format : PDF or Word

1. The Densities of Liquids and Solids., 2. Resolution of Matter into Pure Substances, I. Paper Chromatography, 3. Resolution of Matter into Pure Substances,II. Fractional Crystallization, 4. Determination of a Chemical Formula., 5. Identification of a Compound by Mass Relationships., 6. Properties of Hydrates., 7. Analysis of an Unknown Chloride., 8. Verifying the Absolute Zero of Temperature: Determination of the Barometric Pressure., 9. Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid., 10. Analysis of an Aluminum-Zinc Alloy., 11. The Atomic Spectrum of Hydrogen., 12. The Alkaline Earths and the Halogens: Two Families in the Periodic Table., 13. The Geometrical Structure of Molecules: An Experiment Using Molecular Models., 14. Heat Effects and Calorimetry., 15. Vapor Pressure and Heat of Vaporization of Liquids., 16. The Structure of Crystals — An Experiment Using Models., 17. Classification of Chemical Substances., 18. Some Nonmetals and Their Compounds — Preparations and Properties., 19. Molar Mass Determination by Depression of the Freezing Point., 20. Rates of Chemical Reactions, I. The Iodination of Acetone., 21. Rates of Chemical Reactions, II. A Clock Reaction., 22. Properties of Systems in Chemical Equilibrium — Le Chatelier?s Principle., 23. Determination of the Equilibrium Constant for a Chemical Reaction., 24. The Standardization of a Basic Solution and the Determination of the Molar Mass of an Acid., 25. pH Measurements: Buffers and Their Properties., 26. Determination of the Solubility Product of PbI2., 27. Relative Stabilities of Complex Ions and Precipitates Prepared from Solutions of Copper(II)., 28. Determination of the Hardness of Water., 29. Synthesis and an Analysis of a Coordination Compound., 30. Determination of Iron by Reaction with Permanganate — A Redox Titration., 31. Determination of an Equivalent Mass by Electrolysis., 32. Voltaic Cell Measurements., 33. Preparation of Copper(I) Chloride., 34. Development of a Scheme for Qualitative Analysis., 35. Spot Tests for Some Common Anions., 36. Qualitative Analysis of Group I Cations., 37. Qualitative Analysis of Group II Cations., 38. Qualitative Analysis of Group III Cations., 39. Identification of a Pure Ionic Solid., 40. The Ten Test Tube Mystery., 41. Preparation of Aspirin., 42. Rate Studies on the Decomposition of Aspirin., 43. Analysis for Vitamin C.

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